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Most consultants tend to respond to a problem by trying to find a retroactive solution. We differ in a major way. Our approach is to foresee a potential problem before it happens.

Create advantages whenever possible.

Does your property qualify for tax abatements or other incentives? Can you detect potential environmental problems and either negotiate a better purchase price up front, or parlay that problem into a grant for cleanup? Could you create retail space?

Those are just a few of the many strategies we have successfully used to help our clients.

Negotiation based on facts.

Your contractors have only one way to legitimately make a profit, and that’s in their fee. We know the difference between the vendors’ costs and their markup.

On the investor’s side, you should understand the full extent of the financial liabilities, the scale, and the potential for returns. Our familiarity with both worlds is where Nucatola Development earns its keep.

Acquisition Services
We can add value even before you have made the purchase. Call us to increase your bargaining power.

Use Nucatola Development for:

  • Due Diligence We work with local and national agencies to identify and negotiate tax abatements, concessions or grants – in any locale
  • Highest & Best Use Analysis Discover ways to generate more income
  • Lease Negotiation Clarify landlord/tenant obligations
  • Utility Analysis Reduce your consumption costs long term through building envelope improvements and more favorable energy contracts
  • Budgeting Expertise in purchasing, in combination with our own national database, will quickly find pricing in your area

Development and construction advisory

  • Planning Let us provide you with a construction schedule and strategy
  • Sponsor Risk Management We make sure your developer is making decisions in your best interest
  • Value Engineering Analysis of your plans for alternatives that add value
  • Vendor Procurement & Contract Administration Identify and retain the most appropriate consultants, contractors, and vendors
  • Construction Oversight We closely monitor all construction activities to ensure your project is completed without budget or schedule changes
  • Closeout Management We’ll obtain warranties, a final Certificate of Occupancy, and settle accounts with all parties

Recovery services: solutions to get your project back on track

  • Rebuilding Your Timeline Let us pull you out of the ditch
  • Replacing Or Renegotiating With Vendors We’ll find and seamlessly install new contractors
  • Solving Building Code Problems & Obtaining Correct Permits We can help overcome zoning issues, stop work orders, and regulatory challenges
  • Project Auditing Don’t overpay, or pay twice for services you’re owed
  • Marketing If units aren’t selling, we’ll help you change tactics